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Fall 2019 – NYSDEC's Region 1 Collection

NYSDEC’s Fall 2019 CleanSweepNY collection event that targeted Nassau and Suffolk Counties was a large success with over 77,458 pounds of various chemical wastes collected for disposal. This includes 70,227 pounds of pesticides, 2,948 pounds of waste paint, 434 pounds of non-hazardous flammable liquids, 329 pounds of non-flammable liquids, 515 pound of used motor oil, and 4,943 aerosol containers. Also collected for recycling were variously sized triple-rinsed plastic pesticide containers, some 30 and 55 gallon drums.

Much thanks goes out to the NYSDOT personnel at their Riverhead and Melville residencies for their generous collaboration on this project and to the folks who helped with outreach, which includes Cornell Cooperative Extension, Soil and Water Conservation, NY Farm Bureau, the Long Island Cauliflower Association who is responsible for the Agricultural Container Recycling Council, and Nassau Suffolk Landscape Grounds Association.

There were 101 entities who participated in the Fall 2019 CleanSweepNY collection event, which included 30 growers in the agricultural community, 71 certified commercial pesticide applicators in lawn care, tree care, landscaping, pest control, country clubs, vineyards, and one school had old laboratory chemicals lab-packed onsite and removed for disposal.

This CleanSweepNY chemical collection event brings the total number of participating entities across New York State to over 3,283 with a total weight of chemicals collected to over 2,009,897 pounds.

Many thanks to all who have helped with these CleanSweepNY chemical/plastic collection efforts that help NYSDEC to promote a Toxic Free Future for the citizens of New York State.

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